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R9 290X Battlefield edition R290X for $579

by on24 October 2013

That is what we are hearing

We got the $549 price right and it turns out that the Battlefield 4 edition might be just a tad more expensive. Our sources claim that in the US the Radeon R9 290X Battlefield 4 Edition sells for $30 more or $579.

Since the game is coming out next Wednesday, October 30, we would expect these pre-orders to start shipping shortly. The bundle is limited we never got the right number of bundles but with small premium on top of the non-bundle card, but the price is right and it might make sense to buy the more expensive one and get the game that so many gamers want.

AMD is definitely putting a lot of heat on Nvidia and its AIBs, as the 290X performs really well and it is priced to hurt Geforce GTX 780 sales. In Uber mode can even give the Titan a run for its money, and since the Titan still costs $999, we are talking about a lot of money.

Nvidia will soon fire back with the Geforce GTX 780 Ti, a card that is meant to mess with the Radeon 290X performance and it could end up on par with the 290X, but pricing remains a problem for Nvidia. We would not be surprised if the Geforce GTX 780 gets a price cut to make it more competitive, but only if bundles don’t do their job.

Ideally, Nvidia would like to take on the R9 290X with the GTX 780 Ti, while the older GTX 780 should battle the R9 290, but to do that Nvidia would have to sacrifice a lot, killing its margins in the process.

As for the $999 Titan, we have no idea what Nvidia plans to do. It would have to get a massive price cut to remain competitive and that might not be an option for Nvidia.

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