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AMD believes that 3D stereoscopic gaming is done

by on28 September 2013

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It is interesting to note that Nvidia and AMD do agree on one thing, and that is that 4K gaming is very important. Graphics cards offered by both companies are so powerful at HD+ resolutions including 2560x1600 that you simply need more pixels to put more stress on these cards, especially when you use two cards in SLI or Crossfire.

In one of our conversations with AMD graphics boss Matt Skynner we mentioned 3D stereoscopic gaming and Skynner was adamant that this is a thing of the past. He discussed that even in living room environments 3D TVs are one of the cool things to have, but they are also something that barely gets frequently used.

3D stereoscopic tech has future in cinema and this is one of its uses, but again only in select movies which are worth producing and watching in 3D. This tends to give people a headache and some 20 percent of population cannot even see stereoscopic 3D which was one of the big problems for Nvidia’s 3D glasses.

As far as AMD is concerned, 3D stereoscopic gaming is a thing of the past, and we at Fudzilla can guarantee you that after a few years 3D stereoscopic gaming will make a comeback, with hopes that the visual computing industry will get it right that time around. For the time being, however, it looks like more pixels and better eye candy in programmable pixel sharers that can emulate real life appearances and effects will be the way to go.

If you watched AMD’s Hawaii GPU 14 webcast, and saw how good Battlefield 4 looks, you can get a clear indication how the near future of gaming is going to look like.

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