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AMD Crystal series are next gen mobile cards

by on16 July 2013

Possible 9000M brand

AMD’s last offering in discrete mobile graphics was more of less a rebrand of HD 7000M Sea island platform and the 8000M series were internally known as the Solar series update.

After 8000M and Solar series comes the Crystal series line up that is not a rebrand. It is a brand new architecture based on GCN. In the discrete world the codename reserved for these new parts is Volcanic Islands and of course they are bound to be faster than the current 7000 discrete series.

If AMD continues to follow the transition Crystal series might end up with 9000M based brands and they would be tailored to compete with Geforce 700M chips based on Kepler chips.

We don’t know the transistor size of these chips we would assume they are 28nm, as 20nm is simply not ready for full scale production, but we expect to see first production of 20nm mobile offering for mobile industry in very early 2014. We will keep our eyes open for any clarification.

AMD needs to gain back some of the Intel CPU based notebook market and get its discrete offering back in these notebooks, as the 8000M series found home in very few notebooks, forcing AMD to lose massive market share in mobile discrete segment. Let's hope that AMD Crystal series, or HD 9000M can change that.

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