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AMD promises to fix Crossfire problems

by on25 June 2013

Next month

AMD has promised that it will fix problems with the performance of its Radeon graphics cards in CrossFireX configuration. AMD said that it will release an updated driver to improve. The new driver, due on 31st July.

It apparently should offer “improved multi-GPU frame pacing” in the AMD Catalyst software, to eliminate such issues as micro-stutter. For a while now users running two AMD graphics cards (or a graphics card and an APU) have been suffering from some performance issues.

Frame rates suggested smooth performance but users often experienced stuttering. It looks like CrossFireX was rendering ‘runt’ frames which counted towards the reported frame rates. But they never tipped up on the screen. CrossFireX should, in-theory, provide a significant boost to a user’s gaming frame rates. It is an attractive selling point for AMD’s APU’s.

AMD promised a fix for these CrossFireX issues alongside the unveiling of the HD7990 earlier in the year but it never happened. Nvidia had similar stuttering problems with its SLI configurations before it bought out Kepler.

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