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Entry level HD 7730 leaked

by on29 April 2013

Courtesy of MSI

Someone at MSI probably got a few angry calls from AMD this morning, after an MSI HD 7730 card was leaked on Coolaler forums. 

It is an entry level card, no bells and whistles. It packs 384 to 512 stream processors, a core clock of 800MHz, 1GB of memory clocked at 1125MHz and a 128-bit memory bus. It sounds like the slowest and cheapest HD 77xx product to date.

However, some details are still lacking. It is probably a crippled Bonaire, but we don’t know for sure yet. We don’t know the price, either.

The card was benchmarked and it seems to end up about 30+ percent faster than the HD 6670. We still don’t know how it stacks up against low end Nvidia cards, such as the GT 640.

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