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Apple hiring engineers for AMD GPUs

by on14 December 2012

Could Cupertino be switching back to Radeons?

Apple has posted a rather interesting job ad – the outfit is looking for a hardware systems electrical engineer to work on design integration for iMacs.


So what’s the catch? Well one of the requirements is experience in AMD GPUs, as well as Nvidia GPUs. Since AMD dropped Radeons from iMacs a while back, the ad seems to indicate it could be looking at AMD graphics once again. Or perhaps Apple just needs someone to sort out a few kinks in older hardware?

Of course, it is a bit too early to say whether Apple will ditch Nvidia in favor of AMD, again, but there is always a chance. Apple could also offer the choice of Radeon or Geforce graphics in some systems, but we are already too deep in speculation.

One ad does not prove anything and if Apple is indeed planning to go AMD again, it could take a while. At the moment AMD and NV are closely matched in the GPU department, but a lot can happen in a year or two.

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