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Radeon HD 7950 has no problems with Windows 8

by on13 December 2012

But it is outclassed by the GeForce GTX 660 Ti?

There is a bit of an outcry in the gaming crowd after the Radeon HD 7950 failed to impress the reviewers at Tech Report in a faceoff with the GeForce GTX 660 Ti. 

Extreme Tech though that the Radeon HD 7950 was going to win hands down. AMD has released new graphics drivers which promised a performance increase and the outfit has worked closely with the developers of many of the holiday season's top games. But when it came to the test only the FPS averages were competitive with the GeForce. The 7950 produced frames at an uneven pace and the frame time plots for the Radeon were riddled with latency spikes.

The reviewers were so surprised they took the 7950 out for a closer look and they started to wonder if upgrading the test rigs to Windows 8 might have played a role. So it ran the same tests in Windows 7 and it turned out that it made very little difference.

AMD spokesman Antal Tungler is on the ball and said that the review had "raised some alarms" internally at the company. AMD is investigating and hoped to have some answers for us "before the holiday." It appears that AMD also expects the 7950 to perform well in FPS-based benchmarks and give the GeForce GTX 660 Ti a good kicking too. 

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