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Valve behind Nvidia's Linux push

by on07 November 2012

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Only praise for the new R310 driver

Nvidia has been hard at work in order to make the life of a Linux gamer much easier and it appears that Valve and "some other developers", in addition Nvidia of course, are to blame for impressive overall performance improvement with the new R310 Linux driver.

Nvidia already bragged that its driver dramatically reduces game loading times on Linux and performance improvements are not far away either. According to the info, Nvidia has worked with Valve and other game developer for nearly a year to provide the R310 drivers and give its cards the best possible Linux-based PC gaming experience.

The new R310 driver is made for the latest Geforce 600 series graphics cards but supports previous generations as well. Valve's vice president of marketing noted that Nvidia managed to increase the overall gaming performance under Linux with this driver that took an unquestioned leadership position in developing R310 drivers to provide an absolutely unequaled solution for Linux gamers.

In case you are running Linux OS on some Geforce graphics card be sure to download the Geforce R310 driver here.

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