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Nvidia GTX 660 reviews delayed to September 13th

by on07 September 2012

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Nothing goes live when Apple holds its event

We got a quick snip from a couple of our sources that Nvidia GTX 660 will be late by at least one day and since we were talking about the September 12th, the reason could not be more clear.

If you remember, the original launch date for the GTX 660 was previously set for September 6th and late delayed to September 12th and although most of our sources were actually baffled by the first delay. The real reason might be that there were some GTX 570 graphics card on the market somewhere that needed to be rid of, but that is something that we will never be able to confirm.

The reason for the new one day delay is quite obvious on the other hand, as when Nvidia set the September 12th NDA date, Apple sent out its press invites for the big event that will be held on the same date. A couple of days ago we received a hint that actually looked like a recommendation rather than a change from Nvidia stating that it is better for reviews to go live on September 13th, but now it looks like Nvidia decided to change the actual NDA date and we will not see anything before September 13th, of course, unless someone decide to break the NDA.

The samples of the GTX 650 on the other hand are not to be sent before September 12th, according to our source, and the main reason as we have not seen any early preview leaks is actually the fact that Nvidia is holding the actual driver hostage and it will not see the light of day before September 12th. You might have the card but the final driver is nowhere to be seen.

Of course, to launch a new product on the same date when Apple plans to have its own event is something that probably no company will ever do as it simply does not make any sense, and Nvidia is no different.

As noted, you can expect the GTX 660 wide availability and a bunch of reviews on September 13th. Currently, Nvidia set the GTX 660 price at around US $200 for a standard one while some OC and custom editions could go a bit higher, but as always, Nvidia can change the price pretty easily.

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