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Asus shows its ROG Mars III graphics card

by on06 June 2012


Two GK104 GPUs and 8GB of memory

Nvidia may have the red light on for custom GTX 690 graphics cards but that didn't stop Asus from coming up with their own Mars III dual GK104 solution that features no less than 8GB of memory on a single PCB.

As far as the specs go, the new Asus Republic of Gamers Mars III graphics car features two 28nm Kepler GK104 GPUs that are, at least according to various sources, working at clocks that match if not exceed those of the GTX 680. In order to keep those two GPUs well fed with power, Mars III will need three 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors, something that we are seeing on custom HD 7970 X2 graphics cards. Not to dissapoint on the memory side, Asus managed to squeeze a total of 8GB of memory, 4GB for each GPU.

New ROG Mars III graphics card is cooled by a hefty, but still dual-slot cooler, with no less than three fans. It features three DVI and one mini-DisplayPort outputs.

As it was the case with previous ROG Mars graphics cards, this one will also be a limited edition graphics card with limited quantities. Asus ROG Mars graphics cards have been known for their insane price tags and most probably this one will not be a cheaper surprise either. It will most likely end up to be much more expensive than your average GTX 690 and is expected to show up sometimes later this year.

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