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No overclocked GTX 690 at Computex

by on21 May 2012

Multiple sources confirm

We asked a few knowledgeable whether Nvidia aims to showcase overclocked GTX 690 cards at Computex and as it turns out there won’t be any overclocked versions at the show, that starts in some 10 days in Taipei.
Nvidia is not letting its partners toy with this expensive card, at least not yet, and overclocked GTX 680 and 670 are the most you will be able to see. Currently there is not much space for overclocking under the current cooler, but Nvidia doesn’t let easily for partners to change. At this time it’s even questionable if anyone would dare to make a water-cooled card.

In the meantime there is still no word on Radeon 7990, AMD’s dual-core competitor that should take on good on Geforce GTX 690, at least price wise. Many customers are not too happy about Nvidia’s sky high pricing and we have heard that ATI might price its dual GPU card a bit more reasonably. [$949? Ed.]
We will keep our eyes peeled, but we do not expect overclocked 690s anytime soon.

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