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Nvidia GTX 690 listed in Europe

by on07 May 2012

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None available, prices start at €927,76

We did a quick check of GTX 690 pricing using our favourite price search engine and, although not available, the GTX 690 is listed all over Europe and the lowest price stands at €927,76.

The cheapest one comes from MSI and is listed at Austrian e-tailer Alternate is currently listing a total of four cards but the price ranges from €979 to €999. The same situation is with every major retailer/e-tailer around and most common price is €999.

The UK based Overclockers and Scan sellers are pretty much the same and the card is still not available. lists their own branded card with a prce set at £839.99 incl. VAT, but most cards are listed somewhere between £869.99 and £899.99 incl. VAT.

Of course, all currently listed GTX 690 graphics cards are based on Nvidia's reference design and we are quite sure that it will stay that way for quite some time. We already wrote before that this one might show up together with the GTX 670 or on the 10th of May, despite the fact that we had a chance to see reviews a few days ago. Of course, there is no doubt that it will be the scarcest graphics card around due to high price, low demand and the fact that the availability situation with GK104 and GTX 680 cards is also not that great.

You can check out some of the prices here.
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