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Dual GK104 card comes in Q2

by on13 March 2012

A lot of power

Let’s spice things up a bit. Nvidia is about to launch the GTX680 on or around March 22 and it the following quarter, Q2, it plans to launch a dual-chip card based on two GK104 chips.
Since we already wrote that a single GK104 should fare quite well against Radeon HD 7970, wining some and losing some benchmarks, it looks like the dual-chip card will be quite a performer.

Nvidia needs something with two chips to hold the water before the GK110 comes along, since GK110 is the real high-end chip that was intended to fight in the high end market. However, the GK110 will not be ready in months and by the time it appears AMD’s next generation could be just around the corner. In fact, it would be unfair to even compare the GK110 to current generation Radeons, which will be more than nine months old by the time GK110 shows up.

We think that Nvidia will have to reduce the clock and shave a few shaders off the GK104 in order to put two chips on a single card, as currently a single GK104, GTX 680 card ends up close to 200W TDP.

Another big downside to this card is that it will end up really expensive.

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