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Nvidia runs UE3 Samaritan demo on Kepler GPU at GDC 2012

by on08 March 2012


Kepler is enough to replace three GTX 580s

The Games Developer Conference has kicked off and Epic was more than happy to show its last years Unreal Engine 3 "Samaritan" tech demo on yet to be released Nvidia Kepler GPU.

Unfortunately, other than Epic's Mark Rein standing with a Kepler in his hands, any official details regarding Kepler weren't discussed. Last year, Epic showed the same tech demo running on triple-SLI GTX 580 and today, it appears that Kepler is enough to replace those three power hungry cards to run the same demo.

According to Nvidia, it wasn't just Kepler GPU that made the demo possible. Apparently, Nvidia used its own Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA) that should improve the current MSAA. The reason behind the FXAA is that Samaritan uses deferred shading that takes up a lot memory while FXAA is a shader-based anti-aliasing technique that doesn't require additional memory and fares well with renderers like the one in Samaritan demo.

Of course, we will still wait to see some official Kepler benchmarks before saying anything but if it can run the Samaritan demo, we must say that we are impressed. You can check out some comparison shots between MSAA and FXAA as well as more info here. You can also check out the Samaritan demo below in case you missed it before. 


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