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Nvidia not impressed with HD 7900 series

by on25 January 2012

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Expected more from it

According to a post over NordicHardware, it looks like Nvidia isn't too impressed by AMD's Radeon HD 7900 series and it is quite confident that Kepler will have no trouble in seizing the performance. Once it shows up, of course.

Although no specific details were given, an Nvidia spokeperson noted that they expected more from AMD's new architecture and that Nvidia's 28nm Kepler GPUs will have no trouble in beating AMD performance-wise. Nvidia didn't specify the precise launch date and is still sticking to the "first half of 2012". Of course, despite such optimistic statements from the green camp, AMD is quite happy and is currently selling its HD 7970 and preparing to launch the rest of the lineup during next month.

Of course, performance isn't the only part of the story as usually the price has a lot to do with success, particularly with the economic concerns plaguing western markets. We are quite sure that AMD has enough maneuvering room there, so we can probably expect some price cuts, provided Nvidia lives up to its promises. However, until we see some actual numbers from Nvidia we must say that AMD is doing quite well, while Kepler is still nowhere to be seen.

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