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No desktop Radeon this year

by on20 October 2011

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Partners telling the same story

We already wrote about this back in September and after asking around, AMD partners are still telling the same story, "there will be no Radeon HD 7000 series dekstop graphics card this year".

There have been some rumours floating around that AMD might launch 28nm GPUs in December but some partners are still telling us that desktop Radeon HD 7000 series are still scheduled for January 2012. The previous rumour might not be entirely off the mark  as it didn't mention what GPU will AMD launch in December and we might be talking about mobile GPUs, as AMD already demonstrated these back in September just across the street from Intel's IDF.

According to what we know so far, partners got the boards but launch is still scheduled for January. When asked about the January launch, partners are still saying that Tahiti is the GPU that is going to come first while the rest of the lineup will launch after that, including the dual-GPU New Zealand, and mid-range and low-end Pitcairn and Cape Verde GPUs.

Of course, AMD has enough breathing room as currently Nvidia's desktop GPU should come in March, at least according to what we are hearing from partners, and we are talking about best case scenario and earliest date, so AMD has a good three months head-start on Nvidia.

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