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AMD demonstrates 28nm notebook GPU

by on14 September 2011

Production in 2011
Not all of us made it to San Francisco for IDF or Anaheim for Microsoft Build, but we got some exciting news nonetheless.

AMD is showcasing its 28nm notebook graphics GPU, it doesn't want to tell the codename or the actual name, but we are quite sure that it will end up being a Radeon Mobility 7000 series part.

The notebook demonstrated just across the street from IDF can run Dirt 3 at quite nice settings and AMD tells us that it is starting production of this 28nm graphics part later this year. The company's representatives declined to comment if the part is going to ship in actual notebooks by the end of the year.

David Cummings, AMD's Director of Technology Management, Graphics and the rest of his team that we talked to didn't want to get into details about any product specifics, didn't gave us any comments about the desktop parts, but he did said that we should stay tuned.

ATI's 28nm graphics is codenamed Southern Islands but we don't know what the name of this particular “island” is. We can tell you that it will support switchable graphics for both AMD and Intel CPUs and we expect it to carry on supporting Eyefinity as well as H3D stereo 3D gaming.

AMD is confident that they have the advantage over Nvidia's 28nm offering and the fact that AMD has demonstrated a live demo and a game in an actual notebook design speaks for itself.

Looks like AMD is on the right track to be the first to 28nm, in both the desktop and mobile space. We should get you some pictures of this interesting mobile beast shortly.

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