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Nvidia hopes to get Apple back

by on17 August 2011

Need the right GPU on time
Nvidia was never too happy over losing Apple as a GPU customer but this time around AMD won Apple's heart with a nice box of chocolates and a heartfelt song.

Apple is definitely not a small player and more importantly, most people know Apple and its products better than any other computer and gadget companies. This is what it is important to get it back, despite the information that you cannot make much money out of GPU deals with Apple. Apple makes the rules and usually they are not so good for your revenues.

Jenen was asked about Nvidia’s possible return to Apple computers and he said that in order to do that, you need to have a great GPU and have it on time. Apple has its own operating agenda and it doesn’t care about the GPU refresh cycle. In case you meet these requests you might be winning the next round.

So far AMD GPUs are in most of new Apple computers and the rest is reserved for Intel. With the right GPU at the right time, Nvidia believes that it has a good chance but Nvidia was specific that they don’t have anything to announce at this time. However, AMD is probably hoping to have the “right GPU at the right time” as well.
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