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AMD on track to deliver 28nm GPUs in 2011

by on27 July 2011

Expects to beat Nvidia
AMD is on track to ship its first 28nm GPUs in late 2011 and it will probably do it ahead of Nvidia.

In the latest conference call, interim CEO Thomas Seifert said AMD would be at the forefront of the transition to 28nm, i.e. it will have the chips ready before Nvidia.

"We have working silicon in-house and remain on-track to deliver the first members of what we expect will be another industry-leading GPU family to market later this year,” he said.

Seifert pointed out that AMD’s 28nm GPUs will be based on bulk process technology, so in theory both TSMC and Globalfoundries will be able to produce them. However, the processes used by the foundries are quite different and AMD would have to redesign the chips for each partner.

AMD VP Rick Bergman believes the new 28nm GPU series could have a significant effect on AMD’s revenue, much like its first DirectX 11 cards.

More than two years ago, AMD pioneered 40nm technology with the HD 4770, but the transition to 28nm has been pushed back due to slow demand caused by the economic downturn. By the time AMD and Nvidia transition to 28nm, the 40nm process will be one of the most enduring production processes in recent history, at least in the graphics industry.

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