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Nvidia GTX 560 to be known as the GTX 560 Ti

by on13 January 2011

Titanium is back
We heard about this already from some sources but while we couldn't confirm it earlier, we sure can now - Nvidia is bringing back the Ti suffix with the upcoming GTX 560 Ti card. The confirmation came from the leaked 266.44 Geforce driver.

Those that were following the graphics card market for a while should remember the year 2002 and the introduction of a revision of the Geforce 3 NV20 chip, the NV25 chip, that was the one behind the Geforce 4600 and 4400 Ti, and later the Geforce 4200 Ti card.

Some of our sources suggested that the upcoming card should be called the GTX 560 Ti but we couldn't confirm it. According to what we hear so far, the new GTX 560 Ti will have a great performance per watt ratio. We also heard that it should be a great overclocker and thus we might see some impressive factory overclocked cards.

Of course, bear in mind that the name isn't carved in stone, at least not until the boxes are printed and that these informations are still to be confirmed, but at least the Ti is back. The card should be officially launched on 25th of January.

Screenshot of the driver is courtesy of Techpowerup.

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