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AMD's VP tells Llano comes in 1h 2011

by on11 November 2010

Lots of partner interested
Rick Bergman, AMD Senior vice president in charge of the graphics group has told investors that Brazos and Ontario can and will ship in the first half of Q1 2011 and he also added that Llano comes in first half of 2011.

To be on schedule, Llano has to come before the end of June, so we guess Computex might be the perfect chance to show and tell about this product.

Bergman has a big title that needs a complete sentence to describe his work. „Rick Bergman is senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s products group, with responsibility for delivering AMD’s computing platforms and managing the graphics and microprocessor product development teams.“ In other words he takes care of GPUs and APUs, anything that has graphics inside. He claims than they have a lot of partners interested in Llano and let's hope he is right.

He showed a demo with HD video playing and a chap playing a 3D game and claimed that „we (AMD) are the only company who can do it“. We are very convinced that Sandy Bridge based Core i5 won’t have any problems doing this, but of course AMD's graphics will be better. However, the CPU will draw more power and it will end up sloer than Intel.

Llano looks interesting as this is the first born child of AMD's $5.6 billion acquisition of ATI, and we are not convinced that Llano is a product worth $5.6 billion. Let me remind you, AMD spent 5.6 billion USD to buy ATI back in 2006 with Fusion and integrating CPU and GPU and Ontario and Llano are the first product of that marriage.

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