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Mainstream Fermi should come by June

by on25 March 2010


You never know with Nvidia and time

The Fermi
architecture was always destined to bring more than just one big 512 (480/ 448) shader chip and since the architecture is quite flexible it should not take that long before you see the chip that has for example, 256 shader cores or 128 cores. These numbers are pure assumption at this point, but mainstream and entry level Fermi derivatives, including a mobile chip, are in the pipe.

Last time we talked to our well informed sources we learned that cheaper version of Fermi architecture should be coming this summer, most likely June, but since Nvidia keeps slipping its schedule it might happen even at later date. One can only hope that Q3 2010 will be the latest launch deadline, in case if they don't make it in June.

Let’s hope that Nvidia can address TDP issue that exist with its soon to launch Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470, but again ATI has been shipping its 57x0, 56x0 and 54x0 generation mainstream and entry level cards for a while now.

Last modified on 25 March 2010
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