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EVGA comments Nvidia retail push

by on07 October 2010

Not very concerned apparently
Nvidia-exclusive partner EVGA doesn’t appear to be overly concerned by Nvidia’s entry into the retail market.

EVGA is one of the most popular Nvidia partners and it’s one of just a few Nvidia-exclusive partners in the game, meaning it can’t rely on Radeon sales when times are tough for Nvidia, and tough they are.

EVGA spokesman Joe Darwin said that Nvidia had talked about moving into the retail business for quite a while, so the announcement came as no surprise. Darwin pointed out that EVGA offers excellent in-house tech support and that its RMA service averages two days. “We haven’t seen anyone else that can compete on that level,” he said.

Darwin said that EVGA would continue to build Nvidia cards and offer the best service on the market. However, we must note that Nvidia has lost quite a few partners in recent years. Several former Nvidia-exclusive partners have embraced Radeons, while others, such as BFG, have simply gone under.

Clearly, it’s not a good time to be an Nvidia AIB.
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