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HD 6000 series reportedly pushed back to November

by on28 September 2010

Update: Actually no, it's on track
Digitimes is reporting that AMD has postponed the planned HD 6000 series by a few weeks. The cards were reportedly supposed to launch on October 12, but it appears that we won’t see them till November.

It’s not like AMD is in much of a hurry, as its old HD 5000 series is still more than a match for fresh Nvidia cards. It is rumoured that Nvidia will cut prices in October to keep up with AMD’s new parts. Nvidia is also planning to introduce the low-end GT 430 in mid-October.

However, it’s worth noting that Nvidia has already cut Fermi pricing several times this year. The GTX 460, which is arguably Nvidia’s most competitive card at the moment, is a good example. When it launched it retailed at €199, which quickly went down to €179 and then in went even lower, quite a bit lower in fact. At the moment, the GTX 460 is available for just €130 in some European markets.

In contrast, AMD has not adjusted the prices of most HD 5000 cards since their launch, nearly a year ago.

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Update: Minutes after posting the story we were informed by some people in the know that the launch will indeed go ahead as planned. We can expect some fresh and tasty Radeons in two weeks, but mass availability should probably be expected sometime in November. As for Nvidia's price cuts, well it's not like they have much choice.
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