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Fermi mid-life kicker comes in 40nm

by on27 September 2010

To compete Radeon HD 6000

Nvidia is working on a mid-life kicker chip, something that will eventually replace Fermi and something that will have to deal with the competition until Kepler comes at 28nm.

The new chip is designed to fight the Radeon HD 6000 series and of course Nvidia thinks that it has a clear win, although we quite sure ATI thinks the same and judging by the sucess of the HD 5000 series, its optimism is well founded.

At this pointe we don’t really know, as much of the information we are gathering is contradictory. We believe that Nvidia's kicker comes after Radeon HD 6000 launch, but there is a big chance that you'll see this new Fermi, let’s call it Fermi 1.5 even in late 2010.

These plans are not fixed yet, at least we don’t know that they are, but it looks that Q4 2010 will be quite interesting when it comes to the graphics market.
Last modified on 27 September 2010
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