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Sandy Bridge has 850MHz graphics core

by on25 August 2010

With Turbo 1350MHz in top SKUs
The Core i7 2000 series is going to be the top clocked Sandy Bridge quad-core and this one will have all eight threads enabled. The interesting part is that monolithic graphics core, that is now a part of CPU and not on a separate die as with Westmere, now works at 850MHz.

This is 117MHz faster than the current Westmere 32nm core with 45nm graphics. This is not all as the graphics core can overclock with the help of Turbo 2 all the way to 1350MHz. Intel's so called HD graphics now promises to get some significant performance for immersive mainstream gaming on a broad range of mainstream titles, but we don’t know how much faster can it be from the current generation.

Overall many do expect that the Sandy Bridge HD graphics can be significantly faster than the current Westmere 32nm one, but we are quite sure that mainstream ATI and Nvidia cards and even chipsets are going to win against Sandy Bridge Intel HD graphics.  

It looks like that even in 2011, Intel plans to offer a mediocre gaming experience, but still its CPUs are the most battery aware and therefore they will continue to win most of the notebook marketshare.
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