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POV/TGT working on water-cooled GTX 480 Beast

by on24 August 2010

JetStream pushes it close to 800MHz

Point of View's TGT Tuning Team is working on what might be the fastest GTX 480 ever seen as this one will combine high performance water cooling with a high factory overclock. The card should be detailed pretty soon and until then we are bringing you two cool shots taken from the simulation of the water cooler.

The POV/TGT team is still testing the card and finallizing the specs as these cards will only feature the best GF100 GPUs that can handle high factory clocks and voltages. Of course, water cooling blocks are very dependable on the water cooling system so we might see these cards pushed even higher once they finally appear on the market, but it looks like that TGT did a great job with this water block.

With a claim that the GPU clock will end up close to 800MHz, TGT wants to show that this one will be the cream of the crop and that they did everything to squeeze the last drop of the potential from the GF100 GPU. We will have more info once TGT is finished testing and until then enjoy these cool simulation renderings.


Last modified on 24 August 2010
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