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Nvidia cuts Fermi prices once again

by on06 August 2010

GTX 470 catches a break
Nvidia is apparently slashing Fermi prices once again. Several weeks ago the outfit dropped GTX 480 and GTX 470 prices, but it appears that the price cut did not have much effect, so prices are tumbling once again.

This time around Nvidia is focusing on the GTX 470 and the GTX 465, which is on life support as it is. The GTX 470 has seen a significant price drop from around €300 to €269. The cut moves the GTX 470 much closer to HD 5850 pricing. After Nvidia’s last price cut AMD did not even bother slashing a few cents off the HD 5850 MSRP and it is still selling at the same prices as some nine months ago, which is impressive to say the least.

GTX 465 prices have also gone down. According to latest listings, the new MSRP is €189, which is quite sizable cut from €220. Of course, the GTX 465 is not going to be around much longer, as it is phased out in favor of the GTX 460. However, with its new sub-€200 price tag, the crippled Fermi card does offer quite good value for money, as it costs less than a GTX 460 with 1GB of memory. Bear in mind that it sold for €270 when it launched in June and there are probably quite a few unhappy early adopters at this point.

The GTX 480 does not appear to be affected by the cut, which is not too surprising considering its MSRP was slashed by some 10% in mid-July. Most retailers are listing it around the €400 mark and it is unlikely but not impossible that Nvidia will choose to cut the MSRP once again.
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