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Newegg spills beans on several GTX 460 cards

by on06 July 2010

768MB and 1024MB versions listed

Newegg has jumped the gun with several GTX 460 listings, but sadly there is no pricing for any of the cards. However, there are still a few interesting details to report.

For example, MSI will offer an overclocked 768MB card under the Cyclone moniker. The N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC is clocked at 725MHz, or 50MHz over the reference clock. Sadly we still don’t know the memory clocks.

Sparkle, Palit and Asus reference boards are also listed, but more interestingly the listings include two 1GB cards from MSI and Palit. Both feature a 256-bit wide bus and Palit’s NE5X460SF1102 is clocked at 725MHz.

According to our info, most 1GB boards will be reference clocked, but bear in mind that they feature a 256-bit bus which should go a long way towards improving performance. They are expected to cost some €30/$30 more than 768MB boards.

You can check out the listings here.
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