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Nvidia officially shows GTX 480 score vs 5870

by on05 March 2010

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In DX11 it can be much faster

Tom Petersen, a guy who used to be a very important chap in chipsets who now works as a Director of Technical Marketing at Nvidia, has decided to post some GTX 480 performance results on Nvidia’s YouTube channel.

He talked about the Uniengine and how GTX 480 can beat ATI’s Radeon HD 5870 in some heavy tessellation scenes with a lot of details. Nvidia claims it can score a lot of points in this DirectX 11 benchmarks especially in the scenes with a lot of details and tessellation.

They even showed a graph comparing the GTX 480 with Radeon 5870 and you can clearly see that in 70th and 140th second and again from 150th to 220th second. Nvidia didn’t release a final number but you can tell that in this test Nvidia will end up with a quite big advantage. In some instances Nvidia can continue rendering a scene at some roughly 40 frames per second, while ATI drops to some 20 frames per second.


Unfortunately this is not a real world game, this is a synthetic benchmark as there will be years before you see games with such an amount of details. At least you can see that the GTX 480 can be fast in benchmarks with lot of details.

Tom also showed 3D surround gaming with three 1080p monitors and Nvidia shutter glasses, something else Nvidia will try to push with Fermi, GTX 480 / 470 launch.

You can watch it all

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