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Nvidia to have sufficient GTX 480 at launch

by on05 March 2010


Might have easily sold it out

If you
have been waiting for Fermi, Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470 and you really want to spend some 600€ / $600 for a high end graphics card, you better be ready to buy it on March 26th.

Despite the fact that Nvidia will have a massive volume launch with thousands of cards available in Europe and USA, they might easily sell out in matter of hours.

People close to Nvidia believe Fermi cards will sell like hot cakes and that there will be huge demand for them as soon as they launch. The reason is quite obvious a single GPU Geforce GTX 480 will end up faster than any Radeon HD 5870 card and in some new games, the advantage will be significant. In some games Radeon might end up faster or very close, but in the big picture Nvidia’s big chip is going to win.

Just be ready to order your card on the first day as they might sell out easily, or be ready to wait a week or two for a second batch.

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