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Sony kicks GameStop in the downloads

by on27 March 2019

You can’t sell digital download codes

Sony has made life even more difficult for the troubled Gamestop by preventing it from selling digital download codes for PlayStation 4 games.

After April Fool’s day, players who do not want to input credit card information into Sony’s PSN platform can’t buy digital versions of games from brick-and-mortar stores.

To be fair, it is not just GameStop which will be hit by this as it applies to all retailers. It is just that GameStop appears to be going the way of Blockbuster and would like some good news.

Sony said that the decision was made to continue to align key businesses globally and to support full games and premium editions.

Sony might be offering increased PSN credit options through some retailers, to support players that want to buy digital deluxe editions and to cover the full cost of a game plus tax when you go to checkout.

You’ll just now have to make that final purchase on PSN, instead of doing so in a store like GameStop and receiving a code you then input when you’re home and online.

It’s unclear what this means for the online components of companies like Best Buy, and GameStop will be allowed to sell full game codes online instead of in-store. Additionally, we don’t know if Amazon or other online-only retailers that sell digital versions of PS4 games will be affected by the policy change. We’ve reached out to Sony for additional comment and will update this article when we hear back.

It will be possible to purchase in-store codes for downloadable content and other digital add-ons, Sony said.

According to a GameStop memo, there will also be a one-week post-release for upcoming titles Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11 in which you’ll be able to buy a download code in the store.

GameStop is having a hell of a year. Earlier this month it hired a new CEO after not finding a buyer for the business. It had a dismal earnings report in January.

Last modified on 27 March 2019
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