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EA and Bioware release new Anthem trailers

by on11 June 2018

Says there is no loot boxes or pay-to-power

While Battlefield 5 was a big focus of EA's pre-E3 conference, Bioware's Anthem was also a big part of it, as the game is scheduled to launch on February 22nd on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

EA and Bioware released both the cinematic and the gameplay trailers for the game as well as releasing a few more details about both single- and co-op gameplay.

An important piece of news is the fact that Anthem won't have loot boxes or any sort of pay-to-power microtransactions, just cosmetic ones.

According to details shared by Bioware, Anthem is an open-world action RPG that will put you in a role of Freelancer, defending civilization against disasters as well as rival factions known as the Dominion. Players will get to choose between four different exosuits, known as javelins, and embark on missions in the open-world game, both alone and in co-op mode. There will be weekly stories so there will be plenty of content and there won't be any PvP, at least not at launch, since the game is focused on PvE.

Anthem looks quite impressive and hopefully Bioware got things right as these games tend to be either really good or really bad.


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