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Switch nightmares compressed in one video

by on09 March 2017

One for the masochists

If you want a reason to avoid the Nintendo Switch then this horror video which has tipped up on YouTube should give you enough reason.

CrowbCat on YouTube has compressed all the Switch horrors into one Japanese horror story which makes the Grudge look like Beauty and the Beast.

The video is basically a list of everything that has gone wrong with peoples' Switches. This ranges from screen corruption the second the Switch starts. There are Joycon straps getting horribly stuck and not coming off.

Then there are the “nails being dragged across blackboard” audio that makes Justin Bieber easy to listen to by comparison. Then there are the “can’t touch this” touchscreens.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild apparently hard crashes on a whim or does not load. Or is not recognised at all.

Basically, watching this video and buying a Switch is like a person who watches Alien and then goes and looks for the cat or sees Friday the 13th and still thinks a cabin holiday by an evil lake sounds like a good idea.

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