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Next Hardline beta has no level cap

by on15 January 2015

No official start date for beta yet

While we still have no hard start date for the next Beta for Battlefield Hardline, we are starting to know more about what will be include in the next beta. The beta is coming on all five platforms, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Developer Visceral has confirmed that there will be no level cap and the beta will allow you to progress through the game’s upgrades as far as you can. The beta will include two maps with one being a downtown setting and the other featuring a desert setting. The beta will offer two modes of game play.

The Conquest mode will return in the beta with 64-player cops and criminals. The Hotwire mode looks to be centered around vehicles.

Visceral is hoping that testers will really give the beta a proper outing. They hope that any additional data that they gain from the test will make the game stronger and more stable prior to release.

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