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Next Hitman is on tap for later this year

by on13 January 2015

IO Interactive will reveal more details later

IO Interactive the developers of the Hitman franchise and publisher Square Enix apparently are planning the release of a new Hitman title later this year as confirmed on the Hitman Twitter feed.

While it has been teased in the past, this is the first time we really know for sure that it is coming later this year.

While the last release for Hitman was Absolution way back in 2012, things have been quiet since then. We have heard some whispers and seem some clues that have suggested it was in development, but no official time table till now.

While the info on Twitter says they have more to share, we have to guess that we will not hear more about it till the E3 time frame with a holiday release likely planned if they do intend to ship in 2015.


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