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Pre-download Super Smash Bros on Wii U

by on13 November 2014

Nintendo advising owners to take advantage

Nintendo is advising Wii U owners who want Super Smash Bros. that they can take advantage of the face that game will be available for digital purchase and pre-download. Wii U owners can avoid the rush by pre-downloading now.

Those wanting to pre-purchase the game can do so from the Nintendo eShop or by buying a download code from a participating retailer. Both of these methods will allow the Wii U owner to start the pre-download process ahead of the game’s release on November 21st.

The pre-downloading of the game will take place while the system is in stand-by mode. Once the game is released at midnight EDT on the 21st, the console will automatically download the last of what it needs to unlock the already pre-downloaded Super Smash Bros. to unlock the full game for play.

To our knowledge this is the first time that Nintendo has promoted a pre-download for an upcoming popular title. It will be interesting to see how many opt for the digital version rather than the retail release. Our sources are telling us that they don’t think that the digital release will have much of an impact on the Wii U.


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