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No full 1080p for Halo 2 Anniversary

by on08 October 2014

343 confirms 1328x1080 as the resolution

Despite a lot of talk about wanting Halo 2 Anniversary to run at full 1080p (1920x1080), 343 says that they have not been able to get there despite working really hard at it. Instead it has been decided that Halo 2 Anniversary will be rendered at 1328x1080 instead.

According to reports the decision was made due to the limitations of the engine and the buffer that allows for the switching between the classic and Anniversary modes simultaneously. This means that you are basically leveraging the power of the system to render the game twice so that at an instant you can switch between modes. Of course it is no surprise that this sucks the system resources and while Anniversary looked great at 720p, the developers wanted more.

So while the new remastered anniversary version of Halo 2 runs at 1328x1080 it does run at 60fps. All of the reason of the in the Master Chief Collection run at 60fps in brilliant 1080p. Again, those titles did not need to be remastered and were already designed to run at 1080p, so you had a few advantages including no need to run two rendering engines at once.

Sources say that the new Xbox One version of Halo 4 is quite nice and actually plays like it was designed for the Xbox One all along. The Master Chief Collection is of course and Xbox One exclusive and it will arrive on 11th in North America and November 14th in Europe.

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