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Wii U owners will get Watch Dogs

by on26 September 2014

But no additional DLC content

We are not sure how many of you are waiting to buy Watch Dogs on the Wii U, but via the Watch Dogs Twitter feed we have learned that the Wii U version will not be getting any additional DLC content or any extras.

The news is in some ways surprising, but in others ways not really surprising. After the long wait for the Wii U version to arrive, you could think that Ubisoft would be throwing Wii U players a bone with something extra or at least some of the DLC that has already made its way to other platforms.

Considering the news from Ubisoft that they are not planning to do any additional titles like Watch Dogs for the Wii U platform, it should have been expected. While they are not coming right out and saying it, but Ubisoft isn’t expecting to sell many copies of Watch Dogs for the Wii U. The fact that there are no extras or DLC coming for the Wii U can’t help matter much, but it likely doesn’t matter.


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