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New 3DS will not be launched in NA or Europe this year

by on02 September 2014

You would be better off to wait to buy a 3DS early next year

Nintendo has confirmed that they have no plans currently to make the latest revision of the 3DS available in regions outside of Japan this year. This means that the new 3DS that will become available in Japan starting October 11th, and according to Nintendo it will be early 2015 before we see it in regions outside of Japan.

Why all of the hype? Well the new 3DS XL and 3DS add an improved screen, upgraded CPU, second analog stick as well as the ZR & ZL shoulder buttons. These are considered major upgrades and could lead to some games being non-playable on 3DS systems that do not offer the additional buttons.

We recommend that if you intend to play the 3DS hardcore or you are buying it for someone who is hardcore about games and intends on using it for a long time that you wait till you can get the new unit next year.

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