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Gamestop to pay more for used games

by on06 August 2014

Will increase trade-in amount by 20%

Gamestop is going to start paying more for trade-ins according to documents obtained by Kotaku. While most of you are going to say that it is about time, the reason from where Gamestop sits is apparently that they are not getting as many trade-ins, so they want to encourage folks to trade-in their completed titles.

While they will be giving 20% more on trade-ins, they will still be giving less for cash. If you have a Gamestop rewards card, you will also get a little more in trade, which is actually an additional 10%. Currently Gamestop has 10 different prices for a game in its system; this will be reduced to four as part of this new program.

The goal is to make things less complex and get you to bring those games back to them when you are done with them. Independent retailers that we spoke with say that they are currently undecided on how they will respond to this move by Gamestop. One retailer told us, “We are already paying more than Gamestop is on trade-in for in-store credit and I don’t think that will change.”

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