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Junta bans game for promoting Fascism

by on05 August 2014

Because Juntas hate Fascists

In a move which confirms that military types have their sense of irony surgically removed during basic training, Thailand’s ruling Junta has banned a computer game for promoting Fascism.

The game Tropico 5allows players to craft their own military dictatorship in a fictional paradise where "sunny beaches and political corruption" co-exist. It is sold under the tagline: "Imagine a place where the people never go hungry, all work has a decent wage and the weather is forever bright and sunny - just make sure you always vote El Presidente." 

Apparently, that sort of thing is far too close to the bone when you have just arranged a takeover of all democratic institutions in a place with nice beaches. It is fairly clear that the Junta does not want the game to be used as a training manual for talking over corrupt countries. There was a game in the 1980s called Junta in which players took control of a banana republic where the goal was to siphon development money into your Swiss bank account. The secret of that game was never to be the president, but engineer getting the role of Minister of Internal Security.

Apparently the Thailand Junta is so touchy about its banning of the game that it has refused to allow its press office to talk about it. Lets hope they never find out about the game “Down with the King.”


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