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Next-gen Metro Redux now confirmed

by on25 June 2014

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Bundle for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

As rumored previously, Deep Silver has now officially confirmed that a next-generation version of Metro, called Metro Redux will be released on August 26th in North America and August 29th in Europe on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. While the retail version will be available in this special Redux bundle, both games will be available individually for sale as downloadable versions as well.

Metro Redux will be a retail compilation of the Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light that have been enhanced and updated for the next-generation console experience after being rebuilt using the latest version of the game engine.

A4 Games says that the PS4 version will render at 1080p, while the Xbox One version will be rendering at 900p, but both will run at 60fps. There is no word if the Xbox One version takes advantage of the new 10% of extra GPU performance offered by not using Kinect.

Campaigns on both titles are able to be played in either the “Spartan” or “Survival” game modes and the “Ranger” game mode is also included for both titles.


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