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Arkham Knight to miss release target

by on28 April 2014

Word is that it is now delayed till 2015

With all of the excitement surrounding the release of the next-generation only Batman: Arkham Knight it is understandable that fans are focused on everything that comes out of Warner and developer Rocksteady about the game. Back channels are now tell us that Arkham Knight isn’t going to make its original estimated 2014 release, but instead will be delayed for release till 2015.

Sources are telling us that during a DC All Access Panel a trailer was shown for the game and the audience was reminded that Arkham Knight was no longer a 2014 project, but a 2015 project. Of course those doing the reminding were from DC, not Warner or Rocksteady.

While the release date has not changed on the Rocksteady site, what we can tell you is that we are now hearing from a number of sources who tell us that it would appear that an early 2015 looks to be accurate. It is very unlikely that Arkham Knight will release late this year as there is simply still too much work to do and not enough time according to those whispering to us of its accuracy.


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