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Epic is working on something new

by on21 March 2014

It is not an Unreal Tournament title

Despite the continued cries from Unreal Tournament fans, Epic is not working on a new UT title, so confirmed Epic founder Tim Sweeney during a discussion at GDC. Fans had hopes that a new Unreal Engine might lead to a new Unreal Tournament game.

Sweeny confirmed that while the team at Epic has a log of love for Unreal Tournament, they are not currently planning on shipping an Unreal Tournament game. Currently they are not developing anything in the Unreal game universe at all at the moment.

Epic is working on Fortnight as we all know, but it also has a second project in development. They second project is unknown as what platform it is being developed for. Beyond Unreal Tournament, you can also rule out Gear of War since they sold the rights to that to Microsoft.

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