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No plans for a Halo movie

by on15 January 2014

Microsoft again denies it is happening

Like many others, we heard rumors over the weekend that Microsoft had a deal in place for a full length Halo movie with Ridley Scott said to have signed on to direct it. We could not confirm it, so we didn’t run with it.

Microsoft now has issued a statement to Eurogamer directly saying that they have no plans to make a Halo movie, but they will continue to tell the Halo story in a number of other ways including a Halo TV series that is being developed by Steven Spielberg in conjunction with both Microsoft and 343 Industries.

While the rumors of Microsoft working on a Halo movie have continued for a long time now, we have found that a script might exist and might have been pitched, but so far it isn’t happening and once again Microsoft has gone out of its way to make sure that Halo fans know this.

We have no doubt that Microsoft would like to do a Halo movie if it were the right movie, with the right script and of course the right people involved. We will have to see how it ends up, but right now at least Microsoft claims nothing is happening on the Halo movie front.

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