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Mafia 3 switches 2K studios

by on14 January 2014

Move from 2K Czech to new 2K San Fran

Sources have been whispering for some time that the new 2K Studio in San Francisco that is being led by Rod Fergusson was working on something. We know that at least several from 2K Marin have followed Fergusson over to this new studio.

What we are hearing now is that 2K San Fran has taken over Mafia 3 from 2K Czech. Team leads along with at least some other folks from 2K Czech have apparently transferred to the new 2K San Fran studio.

From what we have been able to untangle, 2K San Francisco will be starting from scratch on Mafia 3 and will not be using what 2K Czech had developed. Instead they will be rebuilding the game from the ground up and starting over to deliver a better product.

As for 2K Czech, we are not exactly sure what its fate will ultimately be. We know that it under when some layoffs back in 2011 and that layoff is being blamed for the reason that Mafia 3 was not delivered before on its expected timeline. It is unknown exactly how many people are still left at 2K Czech and going forward if they stay open, what project they might be working on.

Superannuation’s Twitter feed has a little more here.


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