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Forza 5 fans have to be disappointed

by on03 January 2014

Spoiled by content in the last version

Now that we have had a time to spend playing Forza 5, we have to admit that we can see why many have been left a bit disappointed. While Dan Greenawalt can say that he is disappointed by the comparisons between Forza 4 and Forza 5, the truth is that Turn 10 should have expected as much.

Yes, Forza 5 is hands down an excellent example of and demo of the next generation simulation racing on the Xbox One. The thing is that we were so spoiled by the amount of content in Forza 4 that Forza 5 has come up so short in the number of tracks and the number of cars that after putting some serious time in the game already, I admit that I pretty sick of the included tracks. There simply are not enough circuits to racing on and variations of the same tracks is just that.

The included 14 tracks are simply not enough. The 25 tracks included with Forza 4 left players never really feeling like they were racing on the same old tracks. While the addition of Bathurst is great, the fact that Road America and Mugello are missing just make me wonder how this could be? Road America is considered one of the best, if not the best natural terrain road course in the US. While Greenawalt has explained that the lack of courses has more to do with issues of the capture data for these other tracks not being of high enough quality for next-gen. While I can understand this, it obviously makes it no better with the possibility of DLC track content a possibility, but not for some time.

I am not even going to get into the lack of cars and the broken economy in the game at the start that seemed to make it impossible to start getting the cars you wanted by driving the same tracks or modified versions of the same tracks over and over again. Yes, Turn 10 has heard the cries and they have made changes, but the marketplace for example is still not online, so the game does really lack when you compare it to where Forza 4 was right out of the box.

I challenge Greenawalt or someone else at Turn 10 to give us faithful players a road map on what their plans are for Forza 5. I am honest when I say that Forza 5 was the reason I wanted an Xbox One, but while the game is a good start for a next-generation racing simulation title, it just lacks so much that I am left shaking my head and wondering when I am going to get the other half of the game that I so want. Till Turn 10 spells out the future for Forza 5, I suggest that those complaining about the negative reviews of Forza 5 take player disappointment into consideration before being so bummed about the scores that Forza 5 is getting.


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