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Forza 5 Update to receive major update

by on16 December 2013

Will revamp the game economy for the better

As promised, Turn 10 has finished a major update to Forza 5 that already in the certification pipeline for release very soon. The update will include major changes to the in game economy which was promised due to player feedback. In addition the update will add new game modes drag racing and a multiplayer “Tag” mode.


The changes in the in-game economy will see players receiving as much as 60% more per pay out depending on the chosen settings. For example in a situation where a driver would receive a 15,000 credit payout, now that same driver with the same settings would receive a 35,000 credit payout. That is a major improvement.

The cost of cars will be coming down as well. An example provided by Turn 10 says that a Ferrari 250 GTO that currently costs 6 million credits, will only cost players 2 million credits after the update is applied. This should help players get the cars that they want sooner.

While no specific release date has been announced, we suspect that Turn 10 is doing the best that the can to get it out of certification as soon as possible. With all of the Xbox One consoles that will be opened Christmas day and the heavy new influx of Forza 5 players, we are sure that they will want to get it deployed before then if at all possible.

Last modified on 16 December 2013
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