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Bugbear seeks Kickstarter funding

by on15 November 2013

Looks to develop a new racing title

The studio behind FlatOut is seeking funding to build a new demolition racing game with spectacular crashes, realistic driving physics, and intense car building. Bugbear from Helsinki Finland has turned to kick started to gain support for the new project which they are calling “Next Car”.

The game which will be for Windows with the stretch goals of bringing the game to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The real idea here is to create and updated spiritual successor to Flatout with the updated technology of today and if it gets funding the plan to release a sneek peek technology demo.

One of the big ideas here is that those that fund the project will help guide the development of the game into the game that they want to play. The game will use Bugbear’s in-house developed ROMU engine that is built specifically for a racing title like this.

Bugbear is looking for $350,000 from Kickstarer supporters to get the Windows version of the game made. It has a number of stretch goals, but in order to get to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game the need to raise $1,500,000 which is a lot of money. They have a number of ideas for some other stretch goals in between, but we don’t know what they are yet.

It is hard to guess how much support Bugbear will be able to get for a project like this, but the studio has rich tradition in delivering racing games. The question is really if people will support such a project? The do have some really nice incentives for support the development of the game.

Support Next Car here.


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